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Student Membership of OUST

  • All persons registered with The Online University of Technology are either staff members or various categories of student members. These categories are: Enrolled Student, Alumni or Associate.

    All former enrolled students are granted Alumni membership for life on graduation and all Associate members are granted Honorary Alumni status on making a donation to OUST.

    Associate Student Membership of The Online University of Space Technology Company has numerous benefits, including easier purchasing of items from the site if your mailing address and other details are recorded here.

    Any individual or organisation interested in sponsoring or donating funds to OUST who are should register as an associate student member first. All members can deposit funds with OUST, normally to be used in purchasing goods and services from OUST. OUST does not actively seek sponsorship and donations, however if a communication is sent to OUST to the effect that a sum of deposited money is a gift to OUST, then OUST may move that money from that account to use for its own purposes. The sponsor or donator will retain the right to request return of that sum of money (plus normal OUST interest and dividend payments) and OUST will endeavour to do so but cannot make any guarantees as to when that will be. In the event of OUST insolvency, gifts made to OUST may not be recoverable.

    More Information About Student Membership and Sponsorship of The Online University of Space Technology Company...

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